Workshop: AI & Speculative Fiction

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Workshop: AI & Speculative Fiction

Time & Location

Apr 01, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


About the Event

The Art Galleries at Black Studies (AGBS) invites guests to attend a free virtual workshop hosted by Mimi Onuoha and Diana Nucera a.k.a. Mother Cyborg. A People's Guide to AI is an educational and speculative approach to understanding AI and its growing impact on society. The booklet and accompanying workshops explore the forms AI takes today and the role AI-based technologies can play in fostering equitable futures. This project resists narratives of dystopian futures by using popular education, design and storytelling to lay the groundwork for creative imaginings. Participants will get a crash course in the basics of what makes up AI then create a collaborative speculative story that depicts a future of technology that is equitable and inspiring. Learners will walk away with a greater understanding of AI in our everyday lives, the agency they have in shaping the future of technology and a copy of A People's Guide To AI booklet to continue learning. The Context The Year is 2084. A major revolution has taken place on Earth after decades of recovering from what the generation before called “the digital apocalypse.” Mass mining for electronics depleted natural resources and biased technologies pitted humans against each other. The result: a cyber-war that led to governments around the world shutting off the Internet for good. For 30 years, there was a digital dark age where the systems that depended on personal data and social media platforms — the systems that shaped the early 2000’s — were gone. All that was left was the infrastructure that once housed the worlds’ different cultures. A new generation has emerged, determined not to repeat the mistakes of those before. Hungry to rebuild, they started from what was needed, what they feared, and what they dreamed. They built slowly, starting small — neighborhood by neighborhood. The future defined itself in a merging of nature and technology. What was created holds beauty in every corner, genuine in every way. Today's people believe this place to be The Marvel. You now call it home.

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